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\ Gas & Diesel Fuel Supply

AFS Aviation is a leading gas & diesel fuel provider. Leveraging our strategic fuel supply and transportation network, we can ensure the efficient, timely, & cost effective delivery of your ground fuel requirements. Our experienced team has developed relationships with all the major oil refineries and bulk resellers in North America, as well as with transportation companies to provide you with the best pricing and unsurpassed customer service.

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\ On-Site Fleet Fueling

We understand your needs and will come to you, wherever you are, to fuel your equipment. We understand the costly headache that comes with equipment requiring fuel, and our wheel to wheel service saves your team time, allowing you to keep doing what you do best.
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\ Bulk Delivery

At AFS we provide the option of bulk delivery directly into your tanks. We offer many volume options and provide a range of services from ensuring constantly full tanks to delivery upon request.
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\ Drummed Fuel

We can provide a wide range of fuel types in drums to any location within Canada. This provides you with access to fuel anywhere and anytime that you may need it.

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Need fuel or fluid? Contact the AFS Aviation team and we can work together to meet your goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

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